The Fall  Forward
Back To School, Back to Fit, Back to Discipline
 28 Day ReBoot Challenge
7 Daily Rituals That Will Reboot Your Body & Mind
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You try this. You try that.

Stuck. Confused. Hopeless. 

More energy, more protein, more sleep, more training? What is it; keto buttered coffee, crossfit that I need? 

A hack! Yes, that would do. A new hack. 

Maybe it’s me? I am too old to get in shape. 

Wooo…. Hold on there. 

Trust me, I know what it feels like to know you are better than this. To know your body is not in the shape you can be in — the shape you should be in. 
28 Days Can Change Everything...
I know how the years alter the fit game. How the demands of work and family — and God forbid a life — reap havoc on the body you once enjoyed, so effortlessly. 

Yes, and then there is the desire. Where did that go? The motivation which seemed to be default mode only a decade ago. 

One of the most common questions I hear from clients and friends is, “How do you find hope again?” 

You want… You need to re-ignite motivation. 

I get it. And I have been feeling it myself, too. 
Get Back to FIT School 
My Kids Are Everything
As a single dad of two young children I know the double-edge joy and agony of summer. Both a delightful opportunity to engage your kids and the most disruptive months of the year. 

The result: Workouts suffer. Diets decompose and sleep is variable, at best.  

A slip one day turns into a landslide. You find you’re consuming stuff every day that you know is not serving you. Yet, you keep doing ‘em. Be the late nite binging or the bonus beer. 
I learned long ago that when it comes to epic fitness it’s never an issue of not knowing what you’re doing wrong, it’s all in the not doing it that which is hammering you. And then, doing something different. 
Screw January 1st! 
As summer winds to a close and the glorious structure of school returns, I crave an unstoppable reason to engage in a fit, strong, high-performance body and life again. 

January 1, when everyone runs for the new year fitness craze has nothing on now. This is the season, now...The best time to embrace a focused reset for your mind, body, and life. 

Now, is the time to drop the crap that is tanking me and dive into the beauty of structure, commitment and daily practice. Which as sure as 2 + 2 = 4, always works. 

While shopping for the mind-bending load of school supplies, my mind began crafting my plan for a fall revival. September is my month of resurrection. A month of committed practice — which is always a major game changer. A solid, simple, structured return to the truth of what works. 

A simple but deeply committed back on track plan.

Let me be clear. This was born of necessity. I need and want it. It wasn’t until I mentioned it to a few friends whom each said, “Sign me up… I need it, too.”, that I thought about you. 
As the month of September is to be my TURNING POINT for body, mind and soul... I want to invite you to the first annual "back to school reboot." 
How An English Teacher Inspired Me to Ignite
This year I did something new… 

I attended Parents Night at my son’s new middle school. Yep, back to middle school was a real wake up call for us both. 

As the parents moved from classroom to classroom, meeting the teachers what I felt was not overwhelm at the structure and increased demands but a sense of comfort and excitement. 

Mr. Hageman, N’s English Lit. teacher was particularly inspiring. He simply loves books. 
He lives to read great literature and to share this gift with the next generation. During his 10 minutes he said something that really stuck with me. 

He said, “Studies show that if your child reads 22 minutes a day from now until college he or she will be in the top 10% of their class. You see, excellence is a habit not an event.” 

Damn. Mr. Hageman is right. 100%. I know it. You know it. The health, the energy, the body and confidence we all deserve is here all we have to do is take the steps, do the one thing, today. And again, tomorrow
Nathaniel Loaded for Day 1 Middle School
Life is practice. Practice is Life. 
Mr. H and back to school night reminded me how deeply we are programmed to refocus on the structure of life during this annual return to school. The door is open for you and I to roll with the momentum and back into the happy place of structure and execution. 

It was all more perfect than I could have conceived. 
The "Back to School FIT-Camp" is BORN 
Join me today… In taking back your body, your time, your focus and your freedom.

I am inviting the few, the strong, the busy parents, chaotic high-achievers, the hopelessly lost… all who dare to accept the challenge to join me for a month of focus, commitment, accountability, practice and progress… 
IGNITE 28 is a precision structured, back to basics, bodymind protocol that harnesses the power of practice to turn your body on strong, lean you out, boost your confidence and awaken your full strength in 4 short weeks. 
Remember: It is above all else a challenge. Rewarding yes. Achievable? 100%. Simple? Certainly. But not easy. 

This IGNITE 28 is the goldilocks of get fit sprints: Not too short, not too long… it’s just fricken' right. You can see the end from here and be pulled and pushed by the clarity of the challenge. 

IGNITE does not require a new technology, a radical diet nor for you to bow to any controversial dogma. Like real results most always are, it is staggeringly simple.
When 28-Days Beats 12-Weeks 
With back to school as my inspiration, what I need is to ground in practice now. I want to leverage this opportunity to get back on the horse, so to speak. I know from experience the power of commitment and what a month can do. 

If I even begin to think, “well, it’s a great time for a 12-week transformation.,” I get lost. The energy for the bootcamp level adherence quickly dissipates and the schedule of this final run of the year becomes daunting. 

I also know how confident, clear and charged I’ll be in 28 days. It’s this experience which allows me to know I can make the decision for the “next 28” then. When I'm feeling the momentum, back in practice. I don’t have to overcommit myself now. 
To be honest, I simply do not have the bandwidth and energy to dive in for a massive 12 or 16 Transformation. Sure, they work. Yes, they are wonderful but the reality is life is more immediate these days. I want to focus on now. 

28 days is more than enough to not just feel better but really make some visible changes and strong momentum.  

It's perfect!
Time to Get Beach Ready Again... NOW!
It’s long enough to see your body through a realignment, to a true ignition phase.It’s also short enough to see the end. Challenging enough to scare you. And not so long that I fear sacrificing the entire football season. 
What It Is 
IGNITE 28 90% Challenge is a back to basics movement that simplifies the actions, removes layers of resistance, breaks down barriers to failure and supercharges your success

(Explain 90% is an A from the book)

It’s not about a fancy diet, buttered coffee, keto-asses-doses. You will require no added technology. No new apps. You need not join any fitness cults nor follow extreme views. 

IGNITE 28 does require that you take the action to support the commitment. That you are accountable, present and practicing daily. That is all it takes to see results that will astound and amaze. 
The Power of Paper - Tracking Success 
There is Magic in the Link Between Body Mind
This 28 days is about execution. You have a daily set of rituals all tracked and rewarded with a points system. How you are going to adhere and track is the way that has worked to change more bodies, minds and lives than all the 0’s and 1’s ever… with pencil and paper

We are going to track your progress visually. On paper. In a notebook. On the wall. You won’t be able to tap it away. Hide it. Ignore it. 
You will commit...or you must quit. But you will not forget! 
Action Precedes Your Passion 
When people ask me how to get it going again, how to find hope, awaken passion. This is my answer: Passion, hope, belief, results all arise from action. Waiting for motivation or passion to carry you away is like waiting for the water while sitting patiently a mile from the lake. 
When you do the work, when you commit, you bring the magic force on your side. You are free and clear to stop chasing the mystery, stop trying to crack the code of over 40 fitness that has long been written in stone: DO THE WORK. 

Passion is not the cause of action but the result of action. It is revealed through the act of moving. 

When all else fails, which is always will, do the work. 
DTW: Do The Work
Your $100 Success Guarantee!
You may have started thinking... Already doubting you could stick with even something as simple, clear as this 28 STRONG IGNITE… Do not fret. I have resolved this by applying a terrific and terrifying negative feedback anchor. 

Yes, it’s very effective and wonderfully devious. 

You see, to join the movement you will agree—in advance—to attaching a $100 bill to your 28 day calendar. It will set there on top of your plan with the express consent that if you fail to achieve your 90% point total, that money will be placed in an envelope and promptly mailed to the presidential candidate you least desire to support
2 Addresses You Want NOT to Use!
725 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022
P.O. Box 1700
Merrifield, VA 22116-9559
Yes, Trump or Clinton… both wonderfully unsettling in their own ways can be put to terrific use here. 

You will pre-address the envelope and each day you will take the actions warranted this day to ensure that he or she never sees your hard earned cash. 

Talk about adherence insurance! 
Do you need any more motivation than this!
The Prehistoric Power of Tribe
The secret to this short, focused, system’s inevitable success is found in the most ancient and most important element of human survival: The tribe. 

You see, we humans are tribal beings. We have evolved with hardwiring to belong. Hence the way we gather, connect and commit. 

The reason we struggle so in isolation—with motivation—is that isolation, doing it all ourselves, is a certain death sentence. We know this deep down. 
"Fact is you will always do more, work harder, 
stay stronger for the service of others than you 
ever will for yourself." 
In a book I just read called, Tribe, by Junger he speaks to the built in design, the operating system that we all come with built in, the tribe We are called forth in the purest way to belong, to support, to receive in the container of community. That is when we share a belief, a vision and a direction

This book, Tribe, reinforced what I have known to be true: That for me to complete my goals I must share the journey with others. I need the accountability to and the responsibility of being accountable for. 

Chances are, so do you. 
By Me For Me-n-You; Us 
Selfishly, the IGNITE 28 I am about to share I masterminded by me, for me — strictly for my personal gain. It’s my way to recover from summer, kick start my focus, commitment and get back in some a semblance of great shape. 

No, iIt’s not a 12 week transformation. It’s about doing the right thing, today. And again, tomorrow

It’s to fuel the fire of belief and confidence by having a day that puts one in the bank, one day at a time. It’s about focus, about accountability, about keeping it simple, about execution. 

I know that when it comes to our bodies, like life, like business… What works is the simple execution of the basics. It’s not about the most creative plan it’s about the execution. It's doing it. 

When you want to carve a stone you don’t get the biggest hammer possible and take one epic swing. You chip away at it, bang, bang… One relentless small impact at a time. 
The good news is you know, I know… we all know that if you and I could just commit, if we would get up tomorrow and do the few simple things and then do them again, the world would bow to us and momentum would return. 

We know that when we’ve been committed, that when we have made the commitment providence moves too.  
It moves mountains and changes lives!
“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness...the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”
― William Hutchison Murray
Chop Wood Carry Water
I know what i need to get moving, to feel the strength again, to kick start the return to lean: Practice. Nothing more than practice. 

Life is practice. Practice is life. In the spiritual sense, practice is the nature of living it… it’s what we do for it’s whom we are. 

Be it Stephen King in his commitment to writing 2,000 words every day, or Steven Pressfield manifesto, Do The Workgreatness is in the practice. Yet, even the great must recommit to the practice. They must go through phases where it is time to focus in and sharpen the sword. 

That means I need to get up tomorrow and not just workout but return to the practice that grounds, strengthens, awakens and fuels life. 

These practices include a morning ritual, a lean, clean eating practice, daily movement, and a simple but effective training plan that will deliver results. 
  • 28 Day Master Plan
  • Integrated 28 Day Ritual Tracker
  • Detailed Workout Plan & Journal 
  • Daily Nutritional Success Tracker 
  • Daily Motivational Positive Focus 
  • Daily Fit Life Tips & Wisdom 
  • Three Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions
  • Accountability Partners 
  • Private Community Access 
         It moves mountains and changes lives!
Who is the Right One? 
The IGNITE 28 is an intensive life reset program. It is not a bodybuilding plan to get “jacked” on. It is not the most complex training program. It’s simple but intended to be executed with focus and intensity

It is intended for the adult among us—or inside—who craves the freedom of structure, the window to awaken your body and the community to support and hold the accountability
It’s also about having some fun. Gamifying it with the $100 to keep you motivated, focused and laughing along the way. 

Honestly, I think this may be the most effective, funnest way I’ve ever considered to get myself and others back in shape and focused free

If you’re a full growed adult parent, an entrepreneur, an executive, a human who wants to jump in, hold on and reboot a body life, stop thinking and get the hell in
Accountability Partners Required
In addition to the community, I am requiring that you have two "accountability partners." That means, that while you are here for the group and the group for you, you must have 2 people whom you are accountable to and for. That means there will be groups of 3—triads—that are the central glue of accountability. 

You let them know daily that you are on and in. They do the same. If you do not hear from one of your guys, reach out. As they will for you. 

If you bring your own partners, great. That’s an excellent way to enroll and challenge your friends. If you do not have accountability partners, we will assign you to a group inside. 

(If you want to recruit your friends, I will send you a pre-loaded email to share with them. BTW, it's a great idea!) 

Your Daily Rituals...
  • Enjoy 7 hours restful sleep * 
  • A morning practice: (15/20 min) 
  • 3 Lean, Clean, Green meals* (reboot rules) 
  • Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day 
  • 1 “protein shake” a day 
  • 1 Daily Inspirational Message 
  • 1 Accountability Check in 
  • 30 Minutes of Moderate Cardio M - S (6 days) 
  • 1 Strength Session 4 Days / Week 
  • Eat 2 servings veggies a day 
Reflect On The List Above
Seriously.. Take a good look at the set of daily rituals above. Nothing is epic. Right? There's not buttered coffee. There are not inverted head-stand lifts. No circus moves. It is all very do-able, very simple, very achievable stuff. Right. 

Now, consider that you do this. Look forward. 28 days of THIS! What do you think the result will be? Now, imagine that 3-5x better. I guarantee, you do this and you will be a changed, inspired, on fire human being. I dare you! 
28 Daily Inspirational Thoughts
Before you can join you must do 2 things:
1. Agree to the terms of the challenge. 

That means agreeing to honesty, integrity, to holding yourself as a accountable as you would any other person. 

Sign the pledge and contract. 

2. You must take the 7 minute fit challenge test. That is 3 simple exercises done full out and reps counted and reported. 

Don’t worry, only you and I will know the score. The purpose is not to win but to get clear that you are where you are. To feel the reality of reporting and to see that you will follow the plan, do as you commit to.
Participation Contract
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Turn Your Body and Mind on Strong!
The 28 Day Ritual Based Intensive
  • 28 Day Master Plan
  • Integrated 28 Day Ritual Tracker
  • Detailed Workout Plan & Journal 
  • Daily Nutritional Success Tracker 
  • Daily Motivational Positive Focus 
  • Daily Fit Life Tips & Wisdom 
  • Three Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions
  • Accountability Partners 
  • Private Community Access 
28 Day IGNITE Lights You UP Monday!!!
IGNITE 28 is a precision structured bodymind ReBOOT protocol that harnesses the power of practice to turn your body on strong, lean you out, boost your confidence and awaken
your full strength in 4 short weeks.
A Back to Basics Intensive 

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