Welcome TO THE 2018 ...
The Awakened Way To Get Lean, Strong & Fit
WITHOUT Dieting, Discipline Suffering or Sacrifice
The 2018 100 Day STRONG Transformation Challenge is an Evolving, Community Centered Transformation Experience That Will Change You Inside Out For Life...Without Dieting, Discipline, Deprivation, Struggle or Sacrifice.
Dear Seeker of Fitness Freedom... 

Welcome to my living system for awakened fitness... Which arises from my seminal work, Strength for LIFE. 

Unlike most typical fitness plans this is not simply a glorified to do list. As you will come to recognize through this experience, this is about you growing, evolving and awakening to your true and full strength. 

You shall be the sole creator of your lifestyle strength and vitality. The leader, not a follower. 

Me, my name is Shawn. You'll come to know more about my extensive background in body-mind integration a few--if you do not know me already. 

I've been called a lot of things over my years... Funny, witty, lean, irreverent, obtuse, focused, resolute, demanding, insightful, creative...and a few I'll spare...but I've never been called, Boring. 

Ultimately, I am a teacher. It is sharing my experience of fitness and life that bring me to life. I enjoy bringing both a depth and color to a subject that can be little more than "color by number" for most "guru's."

Ask anyone who's experienced my coaching systems before...What you get always exceed what you may expect.
Here are what some famous people have to say:

Timothy Ferriss, #1 NY Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek

"Shawn Phillips is the epitome of form following function. There is no need to suffer through exercise when you hack away the inessentials and focus on what really matters: strength." 

Ed Kowalczyk, Lead Singer/Frontman/Songwriter, LIVE

“If your body could lightly slap your face, look you in the eye and pour its heart out to you, I believe it would say something like, ‘Come on! I'm not just dangling here below your mind, I can help you more than you know. I want to be your Strength, your fortress and temple!’ Start construction now A strong body is truly a magical and mystical place to live.” 

Ken Wilber, World Renowned Philosopher, Author The Integral Vision

"Strength for Life is a truly superb handbook of physical transformation, leading to a real life transformation. A novel and tremendously effective techniques and is highly recommended!"

Daniel G. Amen, MD, Amen Clinics, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

"Strength for Life is an important book, combining nutrition, fitness and mental fitness in a powerful combination to give readers lasting mental and physical results, that not only sculpt the body but also the brain. It is filled with helpful information. I highly recommend it."

Rick Rubin, Co-founder Def Jam Records, Grammy Award Winning Producer

"Shawn bridges the worlds of strength training and spiritual practice. He offers a new paradigm for weight lifting as yogic practice. The thinking mans version of pumping iron."
I am honored to share, in the next living, breathing, sweating, and provoking 100- Days the collective of my 30 years experience in conscious health, fitness and human performance. What you will find in the living experience of these Modules is beyond the typical "fitness" how-to advice.

This is intelligent, integrated guide to awakening your own fitness--and for that matter, life--freedom.

Enjoy! To Your Life at Full Strength,
The Weekly Wisdom Modules
In addition to your training journal, plans, eat for life guide, you will be invited to Weekly Wisdom Modules where you will learn, on a deeper, more profound level, how Transformation really happens. What it means to become the changed. 
The Weekly Rhythm Is...
The nearly magical results that client members have experienced previously are due to the key integration of the 3 essential elements to driving Transformation Success.
The 3 Essentials to Transformation Success
MODULE 1: Beyond Health to Strength for LIFE
How health is robbing you of the very fit, strong, vibrant life you deserve
Health is to Strength as Money is to Wealth. 
  • Strength is more than health, it is the abundance of energy and an impact in all areas of life. 
MODULE 2: Strong Mind Strong Body
"Muscle is Magic and Building it
Stunningly Simple"

  • The simple formula for building more muscle, faster at any age. 
  • The 3 more common mistakes that keep you struggling in the gym. 
  • Cracking the code of reps, weight, pace, frequency for max gains. 
The 10 Biomarkers are:
  • muscle mass
  • strength
  • basal metabolic rate
  • body fat percentage
  • aerobic capacity
  • blood sugar tolerance
  • Cholesterol
  • blood pressure
  • bone density
  • the ability to regulate body temperature
MODULE 3 : Basecmamp-12 Day ReBOOT
The Most Important 1st Move in Any Winning Transformation: ReBOOT! 
The 12 Day ReBOOT is the solution to the #1 source of fitness resistance!! 

The first move in FITNESS, the ReBOOT gets you in full-on Transformation mode by doing the "other thing" first. 
MODULE 4: Your Blueprint for Brilliance
An Inspiring Vision Powers Crystal Clear Goals for Success Now and For LIFE
More good intentions and fitness failures are due to a completely wrong, careless and destructive approach to GOALS! 

I'll show you how an Inspiring, Epic Vision drives real, meaningful and effective GOALS. You'll get results!
How To Reclaim Your Youth, Energy, Strength and Vitality At Any Age
Aging is not for to weak or faint of spirit. I'll show you how to kick age in the ass and start pushing the years back. 

This area of hormones is the most debilitating and oft ignored aspect of getting FIT over 40... Don't mess it up!
It's Not Low-T, It's LIHS
  • Gradual weight gain, especially around the midsection
  • Drop in energy levels after lunch or late afternoons
  • Frequent cravings for snacks, sweets or other junk
  • A disappointing or declining sex life
  • A reliance on coffee to get you going
  • Lack of energy to share when you get home from work
  • You feel like you’ve aged 3 years in the last 19 months
MODULE 6: Supplement Simplified
The Important Truth About Supplements The Good, Bad and Ugly
  • The Truth about what works, what is a complete waste of money!
  • The only 3 supplements you absolutely need! 
  • The top 7 for Over 40!! 
  • The Only Muscle builder you need, in the right form (It's cheap too)
  • How supplement companies fool you into spending more than you need. 
  • Why the wrong protein will make you fat! 
People start searching for supplements from the wrong end... 

You must always begin with the foundation. Only when you have crossed healthy food, water, and lifestyle off, can any supplement help. 
MODULE 7: The End of Dieting
Eat More, Lose More And 
Above All...Never, Ever Diet Again!
Nothing has been made more confusing, more challenging and more full of crap than EATING... well. 

I'll show you how to GET FREE. To EAT for LIFE from a place of Nutritional FREEDOM! This will change everything about you and how you feel and look, forever. You will never diet again! 
MODULE 8: Mastering Motivation
Discipline is a Strategy for Failure
How To Create Unstoppable Motivation!
Discipline is noble but an unsustainable concept in fitness. 

Motivation has an origin. It starts and it can grow. I'll show you the phases, and how to ignite your fire now and for life... to MASTERY
MODULE 9: Overcoming Resistance
At Some Point You'll Hit The Wall
This is How You Break Through! 
Just when you think you're making the turn, you will be hit by resistance. It will come from out of nowhere. 

Rather than pretend it's all good, and ignoring it, we address is the monster head on and it melts away. 
Body and Mind In Synchro-Flow State Changes Everything: Body, Mind, Soul
Focus Intensity Training (F.I.T.) is the core practice of ZEN of STRENGTH

The focus of martial arts, the flow of yoga, the mindfulness of meditation meets the strength and power of moving IRON strong!
Click to Play Video Clip
The Rhythm of Intensity
MODULE 11: Energy Mastery
Energy Mastery is the Master Skill
of Successful Super-Achievers
There are but two sources of authentic energy. Two ways to get the power you need to think, walk, love, eat, function. 

We will explore the truth about energy and how you can become a master of the energy that keeps you younger, stronger, leaner and loving life. 
MODULE 12: Seasons of Strength
"The TRUE Secret to Staying Lean, Strong and FIT for LIFE is..."
The painful truth is that most whom achieve celebrated Transformations all to soon return to old shape and form. 

There is a real and proven formula that makes the difference between a "change" and a true "transformation." 
I'll help you how to move beyond the change and embody the essence of lasting life-long transformation
Putting it all together
What Can You Expect From 
The 100 STRONG
Challenge With Me?
That's a fair question.

My answer is simple: What would YOU dare to expect? How far can your imagination go before fear and doubt take over?

Truth is the results are--as they have always been--are up to you. No one else. You are the one who gets to decide if you are do the work, if you will believe, if you will trust the process.

For my part, I give you reason to believe. I will bolster your faith, give you tools you may never have had--but will always have from here on out. I will push you, in a firm but friendly way.

I will never be your motivation nor use excessive tactics to coerce you into action. You must be the source.

The greatest pressure will arise from inside--for you will be inspired to show up, to not let your Team down, the others who are counting on you. You see, I learned long ago we will do more for others than for ourselves. It's how we are made--how we survive.

So, when YOU engage in community, when we seal a deal, we are driven to live up to our bargain. Something we didn't know comes alive in us and we do stuff we didn't know we had in us.
Lose 100... Gain 20 lbs.
There is So Much More To It

That's what I wish for you. Not that you lose 100 pounds or add 20.

That you engage your heart and soul, that you awaken the strength inside you, that you come to know your body better than you've ever felt it.

For it's not the body that changes but the "I" that is me. And when we make the corner, when something is awakened, when we "see" the spark--perhaps for the first time and certainly in a long time--we can't go back.
You've put your foot on a path... Accountability results, always knowing that there's something more we are changing, something deeper happening here.
What Are You Willing To...
The age old question poised to the achiever is, "What are you willing to give up to get what you want?" 

It's a damn good question but I wonder how many times we've all given mental lip-service to it but never really taken action.

One of the first moves you will make as a part of this Elite Group of achievers is decide what you are willing to give it up.

To release what must be released in order to allow what is already yours to arrive. It is not about sacrifice, but about the freedom of choice.

To choose a higher existence over the one that has brought you to where you are today. We can thank our old selves and release the limitations. Welcoming something more...
"After decades of pursuing fitness, countless 'challenges', I can honestly say, for the first time, 
~ Participant in most recent ITC Challenge
Weekly Wisdom Modules
  • The ReBOOT : ReNew Your Body & LIFE
  • The Rules of Transformation (Core Values)
  • Your Blueprint for Brilliance : Goals & Vision
  • The Shape of Your LIFE | Fitter Over 40
  • EATING FOR LIFE | 10 Laws of Nutritional FREEDOM
  • ZEN of STRENGTH : Integrated Body Mind Training
  • Mastering Motivation - 4 Steps to Fitness Freedom
  • LIVE LONGER STRONGER | Optimizing Hormone Health
  • OVERCOMING RESISTANCE | Use Resistance for Strength
  • ENERGY MASTERY REM™ The Energy Method
  • SEASONS OF STRENGTH | Stay Strong & Lean for LIFE
Whom is This For?
  • Over 30* Men & Women (Yes, ladies that means you)!
  • Serious about making a change upward
  • Not just spectators but will to get in the Arena of LIFE
  • People who can offer and benefit from ACCOUNTABILITY
  • The "busy" mom & dad who needs energy & time
  • Ready to GET back on TOP of LIFE 
  • The seasonal athlete looking to change it up
Not for Everyone... For YOU?
This is NOT for everyone. For Everyone there are lots of FREE Transformation programs and plans. Places people can go to talk about what they might do.

You can read more about my stance on fitness, transformation and putting your attention where you investment goes, in the Q&A section below....

.... Simply stated, Free is a myth. Free costs you more than a fair and willing investment in yourself. That's why this COACHING Community is not FREE. How much you can worry about after you qualify. I'll just say, Free has cost more people more lost health and fitness than any other scam out there.
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  • 3x Monthly Sessions
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 No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I “win” the 100 Day STRONG Challenge? 
You win my choosing your destination, your goals, exceeding them and revealing in the renewed confidence and deep satisfaction of achievement. 

That my friend, is a true win. 

As for winning the challenge, I don’t adhere to a classical judging model. The idea of me, or anyone else, looking at 100’s or 1000’s of photos and deciding that one body or better than another is far too much like the muscle pageant that is bodybuilding. 

The way I see it, we are all different people with different bodies and calling one better than another is a slightly obscure thing to do. Sure, some bodies will be leaner than others, some will have more muscle, some will lose more fat. But neither where you start nor where you end up is a direct reflect on your effort and resolve. 

Even the body that started simply out of shape and arrived leaner, more alive yet not ready for any stage, has made enormous leaps. This person has likely embodied a number of rituals that will change their life, have felt the joy of sticking with something, will know what works for their body more than ever. They are a truly changed person, inside out--body, mind and soul. 

Simply stated… 

Sure, we will judge you and look at your results but I do not believe in the bodybuilding model where one body is “better” than another. It’s different… my best is not your best. But we are about progress. You win when you choose to win. 
 Is there a supplement list required? 
No there is not. 

No question that the old EAS challenges were ways to attract and carefully “encourage” people to use EAS… lots of it. And you know, it worked. Good on that. 

For the most part challenges are tossed together with prizes (that 99.999% never see) for the sole purpose of driving people into a cattle herd, lining them up, branding them with some supplement line. 

And if you’re backed by or connected to a huge supplement company it’s hard not be their bitch. you end up spouting the goodness of things that simply aren’t. 

I like supplements but in a wonderfully rational and grounded way. I like simple, pure cost effective things… not kitchen ink formulas that cost 100x for 1/10 the product. 

I here you speak to "Integral" often in your work, and transformations... what is that all about? 
The common definition of “integral” is “necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental.” 

Actually, that does a decent job of covering it because I do mean “whole and complete." Yet, I’m always referring to the integral that arises from a progressive school of thought, a movement of the evolving human consciousness where “Integral” as a sort of lens with which life and all it’s parts is seen through. 

Integral fitness is a fitness that is conscious of inner and outer worlds--and thus takes into account body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. This means a deep respect the interconnections, interdependencies and influences of all on the others. 

Unlike the vast majority of fitness enthusiasts I don't blindly presume that the body operates in isolation from the mind and soul, nor as a sort of math problem to be solved. You know, “calories in calories out,” sort of thinking. 

As you likely know--and will surely come to see more fully--that body is a fully integrated system constantly operating in concert in every domain. As goes the body, so goes the mind and along come the happy soul. Likewise, a happy, well mind is fertile ground for a strong body. 

Where the spirit, or soul of strength and wellness comes in is as a natural, organic extension of the awareness of self, the mindfulness and presence. Fear not that I’m turning fitness into a religion like Crossfit or something. Oh, that’s a joke. 

What you won’t see here is the all too common practice of talking about “spirit” in their Transformation challenges a line before they offer to send you “the plan” to follow--as they have reduced the entire experience of change down to tactics. as if the eating and lifting is the actual source of change. 

“Do this… and watch it change.” They say… 

And the spiritual part? Oh, there’s wherever I say it is. 

What S4L does is work inside out, upside down. We look at values, beliefs.. and seek not to get your from A-B but to freedom, to the place where you are the source of your fitness, not another. 

I neither desire nor will I ever seek the be the sole solution for everyone and anyone. The generic answer is the wisest but the least effective for the most too. I prefer depth to span, impact to interesting.  
Why 100 DAYS? 
I'll share this in a moment.. 

Shawn, how does Your 100 Strong Challenge compare to other Challenges… current and past? 
Well, let me first say that “challenge” may be the wrong word for what I’m doing. I like the “challenge” because it calls forth our spirit and accountability, and it’s the most common way people have come to know the process of engaged Transformational fitness. 

What I do is as much--or more--coaching and community. It’s very involved and hands on. Where most challenges are prize / win motivated--which is how they “get you in”--and pretty hands off. Ideally so. 

Sure, they may send you a printable workout and some other tables, but it’s a “serve yourself” model. 

I am by nature a teacher and thus in this role a coach. I enjoy the discovery of what makes us tick and things work, hence I am prone to the creation of many unique systems, processes, charts and graphs that help one to better know, see and feel the experience of life. 

It’s my feeling that you can “go through the motions” and find some results. or some will but for most of us, connecting the experience, to the insight, to the learning can change the experience forever. 

The short answer: I do challenge you to reach and exceed your goals but the process I offer is much more a coaching community than simply a challenge one. 
Is this for MEN or WOMEN?
Who is the ideal client for your coaching community challenge?  
Men and women who want to awaken their strength and vitality in an authentic and lasting way. Those who are willing to take the journey and not looking for something magic. 

Truth is anyone may join but anyone may be released too. For as with any tribe, the many are more important than the one. We can not spend all our time on the one who is struggling the most, causing all else to be held back. 

I find that my knowledge and style are most appreciated by the evolving, open minded people who tend to be balanced high-achievers. Neither obsessed with bodybuilding and splitting the calorie, nor shame driven dieters trying to lose 300 pounds. 
Why should I pay for your coaching program when some others "transformations" are free? 
First, let me assure you something I’m sure you grandfather shared with you is true: “Nothing is free.” 

Trust me. You always pay...in so many ways. 

Certainly one of the most frustrating is by partial or careless information and even worse through lack of motivation and follow thru. Yes, you vest nothing and thus gain nothing but in the process you lose this time. The one and only time… that is NOW. 

Let’s be real here. The vast majority of “Transformation challenges” are thinly veiled fronts for supplement companies. Hundreds of companies have taken note of what the the EAS / Body for LIFE challenge had done for sales and embarked on their own. 

The fee for this free admission here is that you’ve bowed your soul to the devil of “reciprocation” the great marketing power-play where they “give” you something and leave you sitting with the unconscious but ever present need to “give something back.” And that give back comes in the way of a supplement stack, a membership, hell, perhaps even a $5,000 weekend. 

Now that art of using a Transformation challenge to sell supplements is both proven and not easy. As was done with the EAS challenges, you can not just “require” that you buy something. That turns it into a lottery and shit gets weird and legal. It’s like gambling. 

Yet, there can be and often is, a suggestion that only those who invest in what we tell you will receive our attention. 

Trust me, the inner workings of transformation competitions is more like making sausage and less like growing flowers than most care to know. Like most things. They're most difficult than it looks from the street. 

First, I wholeheartedly believe what I learned from one of the great change leaders in this world, that people invest their attention where they invest their money. Your money drives your attention. 

For example, you can not justify taking time off for nearly anything. But when you have pre-paid for a week in a resort you have to go. 

The decision becomes easy. 

By charging a fee--albeit it a nominal fee compared to my “street value,” you and I are square from the start. You do not enter into a subordinate relationship where I can use my power to control or suppress you. 

In advance we have both decided that my wisdom and experience has value. Thus, I am called to show up with good stuff (vs. the free fluff off) and you are motivated to see my experience as valuable and thus pay attention and take action. 

Its human nature that when you get something for free you value it less. You skip the event, you forget about it. You know it can’t be important… because. And those who provided your “free sample” are now busy extracting 10X what you could have paid for this service from you. 

Free is a set up… for failure and downstream costs. 

For me, I am not here with the unrelenting urge to serve every human on earth. I am most inspired and rewarded by working with, and in the service of, the higher-achievers, the seekers, the change agents. Those who want more and are willing to own their part of the quest. 

FREE is the domain of the tire kickers, the disgruntled, the gossips… it’s a flees nest of challenge. Thus, even my nominal fee effectively keeps the riff-Raff out. 

The FREE crowd is, as any leader or business owner can tell you, the worst. They want everything for free and are never happy. They complain, suck everyone's time and attention and keep the whole thing down. They are the first to complain and the last to follow through. 

And that's all I have to say about that... 
Shawn Phillips | Full Strength LIFE  @ 2018 - The 100 Day Strong Transformation Challenge